Proud member of the Association of Complementary Animal Therapies

A proud member of the Association of Complementary Animal Therapies

Laura from Equiflexion trained with the Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies

Trained with the Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies.

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Equine Musculoskeletal Therapy

Laura Clinton of Equiflexion specialises in Equine Sports Massage and Equine Musculoskeletal Manipulation Therapy to increase the comfort and performance of your horse.

Fully insured and qualified since 2010 covering Cheshire, Wirral, North Shropshire and North East Wales.




Laura identifies and treats soft tissue discomfort in the muscles and fascia along with restrictions in the movement of joints, particularily the vertebrae, paying particular attention to the back. Laura aims to restore function to the soft tissue and joints to create a happier, more supple, free-moving horse which can then improve performance. Treatments are suitable for all horses and ponies from retired horses to racehorses, and happy hackers to all levels of competition horse.


How do I know if my horse needs a treatment? (see page)


Laura Clinton of Equiflexion has trained with The Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies (ICAT) and takes a holistic approach to her treatments in that she treats the whole horse recognising that primary areas of concern can, and often do, have compensation patterns running throughout the body which shouldn't be dismissed. She works alongside other equine professionals to form part of your horse’s overall programme of care.      


Equine Musculoskeletal Therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care but it can help restore your horse's musculoskeletal health. Veterinary permission is sought before treatment under the Veterinary Act 1966.

For more information please view the What is Equine Massage and Manipulation Therapy and Benefits of Equine Massage and Manipulation Therapy pages.

Stretching horse during Equine sports massage therapy session

Passive stretching is an important part of a treatment

Horse yawning due to Equine Sports Massage Therapy session

A horse yawning is a sign of relaxation

 Equine Sports Massage Therapy session with Boo

A therapist locating a stress point during a treatment

 Boo enjoying an Equine Sports Massage Therapy session

A neck vertabrae manipulation

If you would like to book a session we recommned viewing Equiflexion's Treatments page for more information and prices or simply Send us an Enquiry.